After the degree in Political Science in 2003 at the University of Trieste in Italy, I decided to go living abroad.

My great-grandfather was a painter and he travelled a lot around the world painting portraits. Maybe I unconsciously  tried to follow his steps.

I first moved to Dublin where I lived for a few years.

Here I developed my interest in photography and I bought my first analogic camera.

When I moved to Barcelona in 2006, I first attended a course of analogic photo laboratory in order to be able to print my own photos in black and white.

I really prefer to print them myself rather than commit the work to a commercial laboratory.

In the darkroom you can play with so many different papers, filters, and developers that actually you can give to the photo the features and emotions you want to.

This experience pushed me to dedicate myself to photography in a professional way.

I studied 3 years photography at the IEFC in Barcelona.

Later on i frequented a professional course in fashion and another professional course in digital retouching at IDEP in Barcelona.

In 2013 i moved to São Paulo, Brasil where i am currently living and  working as freelance photographer in shows, social events, architecture, portraits.